The Inaugural Ceremony Held to Mark the Completion of the Science Library of Kim Il Sung University, Splendidly Rebuilt Thanks to the Warm Affection of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un


The Science Library of Kim Il Sung University, the central base of training national cadres and the highest institution of Juche-oriented science and education, has been splendidly reconstructed.

Its inaugural ceremony was held on October 18th.

The ceremony was attended by Vice-Premier of the Cabinet Jon Sung Guk, Director Choe Tong Myong of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK), Chairman of the Education Committee Kim Sung Du, Secretary of Pyongyang City Party Committee Ri Myong Chol, the officials concerned, the officials, the teaching staff and students of the university.

Kim Sung Chan, President of Kim Il Sung University and the Minister of Higher Education of the Education Committee, delivered an inaugural speech at the ceremony which opened with the playing of the national anthem of the DPRK.

completion of the Science Library

He emphasized that the newly transfigured Science Library, which prides itself of the up-to-date architectural beauty and magnificence, is a monumental creation compressed with our Party's idea of attaching foremost importance to education and talents, and a present of affection by our Party for the teaching staff and students of the university.

He mentioned that the Science Library of Kim Il Sung University, with its open-shelf reading style and its high level of formative artistic quality befitting the world trend of architectural development, is a modern one that can house over 1.2 million books and accommodate over 1 000 readers on the total floor space of more than 11 000m2.

He remarked that the Science Library is marked with the leadership feats of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who made tireless efforts to provide the teaching staff and students on Ryongnam Hill with the best conditions for education, scientific research and study, always deeply concerned for them.

And he stated that President Kim Il Sung, who had personally proposed its construction in response to a humble request of ordinary students, wisely led the construction project and, when he visited the completed library on October 18th, Juche 59(1970), said in satisfaction that the students would like it very much and entrusted to teach them well in such a wonderful place.

Furthermore, he mentioned that Chairman Kim Jong Il was deeply concerned for the operation of the Science Library even though he was extremely busy with his revolutionary leadership as he sent a great number of new books and up-to-date scientific and technological data before all others and gave a precious teaching to rebuild it in a modern way.

Then, he stated that the respected General Secretary, who devotes his painstaking effort to provide the university with the educational facilities and atmosphere befitting one of the world's first-rate universities, the University of the Sun, shining brilliantly with the august name of President Kim Il Sung, observed the miniature of the Science Library reconstruction several times, took measures to step up the construction project vigorously as a project of the Party and of national importance, and solved all the problems arising in the construction, such as labor, funds and materials.

He emphasized that, with the Science Library newly refurbished under the wise leadership of the Party, there has been laid out another modern base of science and technology dissemination and extracurricular study for the scientific research and study for the teachers, researchers and students of the university, and that the university has put on quite a new aspect as the highest institution of Juche-oriented science and education.

The speaker went on to say that the university is faced with a heavy and yet honorable task to bring up more revolutionary talents who are infinitely loyal to the Party and the revolution and are possessed of practical and creative abilities to meet the demand of the new era of Juche revolution, and to raise itself to the front rank of world's first-rate and research-based universities.

And, then, he referred to bringing about a revolutionary improvement in the undertakings of education, scientific research and management of the university regarding as the immutable guideline the idea of the WPK Central Committee, that when Kim Il Sung University dynamically advances to beat the world full of confidence and vitality, the day of final victory in the cause of Juche revolution will come earlier.

And he appealed to all the students to become earnest readers and enthusiasts of the Science Library and to blaze the trail for the development of cutting-edge science cherishing the love and trust of the respected General Secretary, who have stood them up as the reserve hardcore talents and masters in the competition to beat the world.

Finally, he emphasized that all the officials, the teaching staff and students of the university should fulfill their responsibilities and duties in the glorious battle for the overall rehabilitation and development of our state carrying on the dignified tradition of Kim Il Sung University, whose life and soul is loyalty to the Party.

After the inaugural ceremony, the participants looked around the Science Library.