A series of triumphs in the arena of the intellectual competition


Kim Il Sung University students won seven consecutive victories in the Codechef Contest in 2020

Young students of Kim Il Sung University, the highest institute of Juche-based science and education, won the title of honor again at the Codechef Contest held in November, 2020.

This means that the young students on Ryongnam Hill won every first place in the Codechef Contest from June, thus registering seven consecutive victories.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"We are competing with the world, and it is the students of Kim Il Sung University who must stand at the forefront of this competition."

The Codechef Contest is one of the world's first-class Internet program contests.

The monthly international challenge contest attracts a great number of program experts and students from all around the world.

As it is a high-level contest popular in the field of information technology, it is also noted as a contest which makes it possible to assess the level of intelligence and intellectual potentials of participating countries.

Kim Il Sung University began to participate in the contest from 2013, demonstrating the reputation of the university and drawing special attention of the global program institutions.

The students of a university's IT group who have fully displayed their outstanding ability of software technology in the past Codechef contests took part in the contest since June last year.

A fourth-year student of Mathematics Faculty participated in the contest for the first time in the year of 2020 with his consolidated knowledge, gifted talent and burning desire to provide a present of honour to the 75th birthday of the Workers' Party of Korea. He won the title of honor, thus flying our national flag on the Internet.

In July the students in the fifth grade of Mathematics Faculty won another victory in the contest with the attendance of over 31 000 students and program experts from more than 80 countries and regions, and defended the first place again in August.

From September 4 to 14, more than 21 400 contestants from universities in about 80 countries and regions including China, Russia, India, UK, Germany and the U.S participated in the Codechef contest.

A fourth grade student of the Faculty of Mathematics took the first place again in the 240-hour-long contest with the intention to add a glory of victory to the founding anniversary of the DPR Korea. He continued his victorious record in the October contest, presenting wonderful solution to all the nine issues.

A fifth-year student of Mathematics Faculty was present in the Challenge Contest participated by more than 15 300 challengers between November 6 and 16 to fully display his talent and wisdom and solved all the nine issues in the fierce competition on the Internet.

As a result, the members of the IT groups on Ryongnam Hill displayed the dignity and honor of Kim Il Sung University by winning seven consecutive victories at the Codechef contests from June.