The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Sent Birthday Spread to Ko Yong Hae, Academician, Professor, PhD in Physics, Teacher of Faculty of Physics of Kim Il Sung University


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

《The teachers and researchers of Kim Il Sung University are career revolutionaries training the hard core of the revolution, world-class talents.》

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, despite his heavy schedule of leading the building of a thriving socialist country, showed the great concern of sending birthday spread to Ko Yong Hae, laureate of Kim Il Sung prize, Merited Scientist, academician, professor, PhD in physics and teacher of high energy research unit in theoretical physics research institute of Faculty of Physics.

Ko Yong Hae

Born in a poor peasants' family in Riwon County, South Hamgyong Province in Nov. 16, Juche 30(1941), he grew up, bitterly experiencing the misery of colonial slaves of the Japanese imperialists. Only after President Kim Il Sung liberated the country(August 15, 1945), could he lead a genuine life.

Under the warm care of President Kim Il Sung, he graduated from Kim Il Sung University with first-class honours and became a teacher. Bearing deep in his mind the honour that he studied at the senior middle school together with Chairman Kim Jong Il, he performed outstanding feats in defending and glorifying the immortal exploits of the peerlessly great persons.

From the period of Juche 59(1970) to Juche 73(1984), he took part in tracing back the records of revolutionary activities of Chairman Kim Jong Il and verified more than 150 records, thus making great contributions to glorifying the immortal feats of the peerlessly great persons.

He also authored the book "Towards the World" and many memoirs about Chairman Kim Jong Il in order to give wide publicity at home and abroad about the outstanding achievements of the Chairman.

For the past 57 years, he gave lectures to students on "electrodynamics" and other nine subjects, pioneered 7 subjects including "quantum electrodynamics" and wrote more than 30 textbooks and reference books, making great contributions to the development of theoretical physics. He took part in writing "collection of modern science and technology" and "collection of theoretical physics" and made successes in the research on automatic control of circuit nitriding furnace by infrared sensing system, giving great delight to the Chairman on several occasions.

He channeled efforts into training reserve educators and scientists including one PhD and four MS and contributed a number of academic papers to authoritative international academic journals, highly demonstrating the honour of the university. And he was highly appreciated in many national sci-tech festivals, exhibitions and presentations.

Thanks to the great political trust and solicitude of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il, he was awarded the wrist watch bearing the august name of President Kim Il Sung and conferred the Order of National Flag 1st Class and many other high-class national decorations.

On April 12, Juche 99(2010) he was honored to meet the Chairman again and have pictures taken with the Chairman.

The respected General Secretary, who is continuously showing warm affection for the educators and scientists of Kim Il Sung University, just as the President and Chairman did, showed great consideration of making him move into the apartment houses for educators of Kim Il Sung University and attend the 14th national conference of teachers and many other national conferences.

Old as he is, Mr. Ko is now working with the single mind to faithfully uphold the ideas and leadership of the Party, recalling with pride his whole life in which he grew up under unusual loving care and trust of the Chairman.

That the respected General Secretary sent the birthday spread to Ko Yong Hae reflects his high praise for Mr. Ko's whole life during which he invariably and faithfully supported and followed the President and Chairman and our Party and also his expectation for and trust in Mr. Ko that he would work devotedly for the development of the education and science of the country in good health.

Mr. Ko and his family and all other participants expressed their deep gratitude to the respected General Secretary who is glorifying the life of revolutionary soldiers with the same warm affection and trust that President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il showed and made a firm determination to repay the warm benevolence of the respected General Secretary through generations.