Height of the University Building Personally Considered

Editorial Board

Building No.2 of Kim Il Sung University is one of the grand monumental edifices which was built thanks to the boundless love and care of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung with his great plan to promote the university into one of the world top universities and the highest institution of science.

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung saw to it that a huge Building No.2 with its total floor space of 5 2000 m2 would be built at Kim Il Sung University and looked at its construction plan. He gave constant instructions regarding the construction of the building and took all the relevant measures solving the problems of building materials, equipment and labour to ensure the successful completion of the construction.

On his personal visit to the construction site on May 1st 1971, the great leader reviewed the construction process, solved arising problems one by one and even fixed the height of the building.

Fifteen days later, on May 15th, he again visited the construction site and said it was necessary to view the building not only in the near place but also from afar to make the general architectural effect and the height of the building match in good harmony.

Though busy with his government work, he then got into his car and went to several places in Pyongyang including the entrance of Hapjang Bridge, the area near to Ryonghung Bridge and so on, to check the height of Building No.2. And he told the officials to construct the building up to 22nd floor as was planned in the construction plan.

When the great leader came to the construction site again on May 29th, he stopped walking halfway up the then unpaved dusty hill road to it where he could get the view of the whole building and told the accompanying officials that it was a very good thing they did the building construction as in the original plan and that it would not look good if the building rose higher. He was satisfied that the height of the building now matched perfectly the general architectural effect and the neighbouring building.

Saying that the building should be built up to the top floor by April 15th next year and then floor slab placed, interior work done, the great leader gave detailed instructions regarding last stage construction method and ways to hasten the completion.

On June 1st 1971, the great leader called an official working in Pyongyang City Planning Office into the office building of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and gave instructions to successfully complete the design of the rooftop of Building No.2 and put forward solutions to the problem of lifts.

Tracing back to the annals of thousand years of education history, no such examples could be found where the leader of a country took such deep care of construction of university buildings and devoted his whole to it.

It was the boundless love and trust of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung who gave definite priority over all other work to education of rising generation and training of cadres for the nation, having led the revolution and construction to final victory.