Personally Going up the Diving Tower

Editorial Board

The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un was very mindful of the indoor swimming pool of Kim Il Sung University, the present of the great General, even personally going up the diving tower.

On December 11th, 2009, he visited the indoor swimming pool of Kim Il Sung University with the great General to see the happy looks of the lecturers and students swimming in it, even though he was very busy with the affairs of the state.

That day, he entered the swimming pool with the great General, smiling all over his face, responded to the thunderous cheers of the lecturers and students, and looked around the interior.

After exchanging greetings with the university officials, he grasped the operating conditions including the primary first-aid treatment of the swimming pool.

Then, he told an official of the swimming pool that the great general had asked them to go up the diving tower and look down, and went towards it.

When the guiding official asked him not to hold the wet banister, he didn't mind holding it and went up the diving tower.

He looked down the water tank and carefully considered about whether the students could jump there as the diving tower looked very high. Also, he went down to the 5-meter diving tower and estimated the depth of the water tank.

He looked at the students and lecturers jumping from the diving tower with a smile. And at the 3-meter diving tower, he asked the elasticity controller the elastic force set up on the diving board.

Then he came down and personally dipped his hand into the water to estimate the water temperature.

Like this, the respected marshal is our sun and benevolent teacher who personally goes up the diving tower and carefully looks after the staff and students of the university with paternal love, not to make them live in gloom.