The Indoor Recreation Lobby On The 17th Floor Inspected On Foot In The Hottest Period Of Summer

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In Pyongyang City there towers a 44-storeyed block of flats for the educators of Kim Il Sung University, whose recreation lobby on the 17th floor is telling the legend of love for our educators of the respected Marshal who personally stepped up the stairs there, sparing some time of his tight schedule in the midsummer heat.

On the unforgettable day of September 28, 2013, the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un visited the building site of the block of flats for the educators of Kim Il Sung University for the second time, short time after his previous visit on August 13.

That day, after inspecting carefully every corner of the flat No. 302 even in the stuffy midsummer heat, humidity mixed with cement dust, the respected Marshal was making his way to the recreation lobby on the 17th floor

An official accompanying him earnestly begged him to look round it later, informing him that the elevator was under test, not ready to work. However, the respected Marshal said he would rather climb up the stairs for an exercise, telling him not to be worried about himself.

When he reached the 17th floor, his shirt was soaked with sweat as he climbed up the 224 stairs to the 17th floor without a break in the van of his entourage, braving baking heat and high humidity caused by final building works.

Enjoying the bird's-eye view of the street from the recreation lobby, the respected Marshal said that teachers and researchers would be glad that it was short distance to the university as the block was built at the Ryonghung crossroads. He also said that walking to and back home from the university would help to improve their health, caring about the health of teachers and researchers rather than his own health.

Looking round the recreation lobby, he appreciated that it was decorated in a unique way. And when informed that a small play yard for children was also expected there, he was glad that children of teachers and researchers would like it very much.

The respected Marshal continued to give a careful guidance to how to finish the floor of the recreation lobby, how to make the lawn and grow flowers in the flowerpot stand.

He expressed his great satisfaction, saying that the block was the best among all the blocks that had been built, enough to be a standard flat design, really perfect, and he liked everything of it.

As seen above, the respected Marshal is the great teacher and affectionate father of all the teachers and researchers in our university, who is never satisfied with his devotion.