The Deep Love associated with the Students' Uniforms

Editorial Board

The uniforms that Kim Il Sung University students are wearing today are associated with the love of the anti-Japanese heroine Mother Kim Jong Suk as well as the great leaders.

She was deeply concerned about the uniforms of our students in the liberated fatherland and endeavored to solve this problem.

On November 10th, 1946, she personally visited the university and got an understanding of how the samples of the uniforms and caps for the students were made and listened to the students' opinions.

That day she told an official that they should supply the uniforms and caps to the sons and daughters of workers and farmers who had lived poorly under the exploitation and oppression, and show them to the world.

After looking at the samples of the uniforms and caps carefully, she said that they should make the uniforms suitable for the democratic students, in our own style, as we were building new Korea.

She continued to say that the military uniforms and caps of the anti-Japanese guerrillas were made in our own style by the guerrilla sewing team upholding the teachings of the General. She also said that the uniforms and caps of the students should be newly made.

Then, she described the style of the uniforms and caps.

In detail, the boy students' caps should be made in the same form as the anti-Japanese guerrillas' ones and have the naturally turned-down style. And the girl students' caps should have the round shape without a visor.

On November 22nd, 1946, Mother Kim Jong Suk visited the state-run local industry Pyongyang clothing factory with the young great leader and inspired the female workers to a laborious struggle and said that they should make the uniforms in high quality.

On December 8th, she visited the factory again and asked the workers to produce uniforms before getting cold as the students of Kim Il Sung University soon took part in the campaign against illiteracy.

And that evening she reported to the great leader about the production of the students' uniforms.

Thus, the students of Kim Il Sung university received new uniforms and caps prepared under the warm love and care of the great leader and Mother Kim Jong Suk on the same day in late December, 1946.