Personally Used Shouldering Pole

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The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, when studying at Kim Il Sung University, carried soil with poles jointly shouldered with other students to realize the grand capital city construction plan of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung.

At that time, the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il was personally taking part in the project for widening the street from Wasan-dong to Ryongsong. On May 16th in 1961, though other students made requests to him to refrain from labour-consuming carrying work with poles, he said that it was quite worth doing, that doing in person hard work would make people make up his mind to invent machines to get working people free from hard work, and that although soil was being carried there with poles, all civil engineering work later should be done by machines to get rid of shouldering poles.

He asked students to put more soil in the carrier saying that he had never heard that it ever killed a person. He even pulled the carrier near to him when shouldering the pole, so that more weight would fall on him.

Once a student offered him a shoulder pad, watching him always shoulder the pole wearing only a vest on, but the great leader declined it telling him to give it to other students.

Scorching afternoon sunshine made the students dripping with sweat, feeling quite exhausted and shaky on their legs.

Seeing this, the great leader told the students that it would be necessary to use the wits instead of relying only on labour when doing anything. He went on saying that when standing up with a pole on their shoulders it was essential for each pair of students to be in complete accord both in breath and strength, and that when walking it was vital to straighten themselves and be into step. He said it was in other words essential for each pair of students to be a harmonious whole.

Then he asked a student who was said to be good at carrying with poles if he would shoulder a pole together with him, and so they carried soil with a pole moving their steps to the rhythm of "Ogiyong, Ogiyong"

That day while continuously doing this hard work, he came up with an idea of carrying with two poles by three people from one pole by two, increasing the efficiency of the work.

The great leader said to the students in the break time that though they did tough work sweating heavily with pain on their shoulders, it was a kind of work worth doing and labour was truly worthwhile, and that they should complete the project at the earliest date pooling their wisdom and strength.

That noble practical example set by the great leader opening a new chapter in the history of the capital city construction served as the source of strength that brought about miracles and innovations every day in the construction site.

Thus, the great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, saying that he was also a son of the working people, personally did the hard work of carrying soil with a pole with other students to fully realize the grand capital city construction plan of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, dripping with sweat for the country and people.