Fatherly Love for Exchange Students

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The great President Kim Il Sung manifested an enormous support to and solidarity with the Vietnamese people after the Korean War including the offer of providing free education to the Vietnamese exchange students. He personally called on the students learning at Kim Il Sung University time after time to take warm care of their life and study.

On February 11, 1967, the President came to the Vietnamese students' dormitory again on the occasion of the lunar New Year's Day.

He was surrounded by the exchange students with a bright smile on his face. He looked around their living rooms and dining hall with the students clinging to the sleeves of his suit and arms. They were ecstatic and applauded him fervently for a long time.

The President raised his hand in acknowledgement of their warm welcome with a broad smile and asked them again and again to take seats for a free talking.

After the applause subsided, the President asked the students how often they received letters from their families, what they learned in the letters, what inconveniences they felt and so on. The Vietnamese young students said in chorus that their living condition was wonderful.

The great President refuted with a big grin that they should not say even uncomfortable things were good and told them to say everything, thus making them feel warm and comfortable. When the President asked the students how tall and heavy they got, they answered in Korean language that they had grown taller and heavier since they stayed in Korea.

Hearing about their life and study in detail, he informed them of the news of the fighting Vietnamese people, gave precious advice for their future life, and expressed his firm belief that the exchange students would feel at home and try to return home with sound body and rich knowledge.

When the President asked them if they had any hard life, the students felt his limitless affection and replied with energy that they had no problems.

The President said, "I hope you'll be healthy and very good at learning." At his fatherly remark the Vietnamese students stood up to shout "Long live Comrade Kim Il Sung!" in Korean language in chorus and sang loudly the immortal Song of General Kim Il Sung. He raised his hand in reply to their enthusiastic welcome and went out of the dormitory.

The exchange students spent happy days in DPR Korea under the warm care of the great President and learned in the university days quite a lot about the brilliant successes and experiences achieved by the Korean people. They prepared themselves to be proficiently armed with advanced science and technology before they returned to Vietnam.