Benevolent loving care associated with the "bread for university students"

Dr., Assoc. Prof., Paek Yong Hun, Faculty of Law, Kim Il Sung University

Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"Our students have no worries about the conditions for them to study."

There are many university students in all countries of the world today, but only the Korean students are growing up to be reliable successors to the revolutionary cause of Juche under the special loving care of their leaders.

The benevolent love of the Workers' Party of Korea for university students is also associated with "the bread for university students".

On a day in October Juche 89 (2000), Chairman Kim Jong Il unfolded a new plan on supplying high-quality bread to university students. Although the financial situation of the country was not good, he decided to produce the bread and chips in Korean style and provide them to students, lecturers and researchers of the university, and assigned the task to officials concerned.

After discussing the measures to accomplish the task, the officials confined the subject to the boarding students excluding day students.

In this regard, the Chairman said that bread should be supplied not only to the boarding students but also to the day students and teaching staff.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said that he shed in his tears feeling creditable about the university students' deeds when he saw them on Mansu Hill taking off their clothes to prevent the wreath from getting wet by the rain during the days of cherishing the memory of deceased President Kim Il Sung and he then was so convinced of the bright future of the revolutionary cause of Juche. He continued that in order to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche pioneered by the President generation after generation, we should bring up university students well and take warm care of their life.

Considering then financial situation of the country, it was difficult to multiply the number of people to be supplied with bread at that time. But the Chairman said that we should not think about making ends meet concerning the university students, and the Party would not only solve the issue of equipment for bread production but also raw materials and seasoning condiments.

The officials wet their eyes at the noble traits of the Chairman who showed his unsparing love for the university students.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said that the equipment for producing bread should be imported as soon as possible and personally pointed out the amount of capital needed for the provision of quality-machinery and enormous raw materials. He added ardently that no matter how much it costs, we should ensure the provision of equipment, raw materials and seasoning condiments to make our university students eat meat-stuffed bread.

Furthermore, he chose the factory for the production and specified the designers' group and construction enterprise which is the best in the country and solved in detail the issues of cement and electricity needed in the construction.

The Chairman said that he had never forgotten the idea of supplying high-quality bread to the university students since that he came to his mind, and that he was very glad and proud to have done good things for the students, in spite of difficult times, and earnestly asked the officials to do well the work of supplying high-quality bread.

Thanks to his meticulous care and love, the October 30 Factory was built in Pyongyang, which boasts of the modern architectural beauty and high technical equipment as required by the new century.

He instructed to provide the sample bread to Kim Il Sung University experimentally and continued that it would take an year to acquire a plenty of experience, however, it would be good to supply the bread to Kim Chaek University of Technology on the occasion of the Day of the Sun next year since there was a great expectation about it.

As instructed by the Chairman, from December that year, the relevant organ has accumulated experience through supplying bread to Kim Il Sung University made success of supplying bread to Kim Chaek University of Technology from April the following year.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said earnestly that meat-stuffed bread should be supplied to other universities in Pyongyang in the future and even if it costs more, we must provide university students bread and that would be absolutely great. He added that we should solve the issue of improving people's living standards in this way.

Like this the Chairman took every step to supply high-quality bread to the university students, the future of the country and successors to the revolution.

Under his warm loving care, the factory produced a large quantity of high-quality bread to be supplied to students, operating at full capacity.

On December 24, Juche 92(2003), the significant day, an official concerned reported to the Chairman again regarding the supply of bread.

After receiving his report, the Chairman was very satisfied and he said the work should be conducted in a more bold way and large-scale in the future.

The bread for university students, which was not found in any country in the world or even in the dictionary, was born thanks to the warm love of Chairman Kim Jong Il.

This remarkable fact is the utmost trust of the Chairman in the university students who were adorned by the President and held up as the successors of the future of the country and nation and the revolutionary cause of Juche.

Thanks to his warm love and trust, the university students of Juche Korea will grow up to be masters of socialist construction and vanguards steadfastly carrying forward the revolutionary cause of Juche.