With a Firm Faith in the Victory of Motherland

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During the fierce Fatherland Liberation War when the whole country was in the flame of the war, President Kim Il Sung, convinced of victory in the war, took a wise measure of recalling the students from the front so that they could continue their learning.

A lot of students were coming back to the universities. On 27th of July, 1951, a soldier who was serving in the supreme headquarters was summoned by President Kim Il Sung. He had been studying in the preparatory course of Kim Il Sung University before he joined the army. When he arrived at the supreme headquarters, President Kim Il Sung greeted him with a bright smile. Looking at him affectionately, he said that the Party reopened the university education which had been interrupted because of the war and called the students back to universities from the front. He went on to say that the soldier would also go back to the university to continue learning.

The soldier was so chocked with gratitude that he could not say anything.

After a short silence, President Kim Il Sung said to the solider that he would feel sad to part but he should study hard at the university because he could be a pillar of the country and a loyal solider of the Party when he learned a lot.

Saying that he should study at the university with the same spirit he used to have in the battles against Yankees, he emphasized that studying was also a battle, and the prime task at the university was studying hard while at the front, it was bravely fighting the Yankees.

He went on to say that students should get knowledge which could be practically applied to our revolution and used for the prosperity of the country; students should not be "locked chest of knowledge", and they should not be satisfied with what they learned in class but make an effort to have a deep understanding of our country's reality by deeply studying our Party's lines and policies.

After giving the soldier detailed instructions about the university life President Kim Il Sung suggested a break to chill out and kindly offered the solider watermelon. He had everything prepared needed for study and life including school things, daily necessaries, new clothes and a pair of shoes.

When the solider was leaving the unit, President Kim Il Sung arranged to send him by car.

Even in the fierce flame of the Fatherland Liberation War Kim Il Sung University went on training a lot of national cadres to make a great contribution to the victory in the war and the postwar reconstruction of the national economy thanks to the wise leadership and great affection of President Kim Il Sung.