Fatherly affection for the first school uniforms and caps

Assoc. Prof., Sin Kwang Il, Faculty of Law, Kim Il Sung University

President Kim Il Sung said:

"In order to ensure that pupils and students have no difficulties in their studies, the state supplies school uniforms free of charge and sell school requisites at considerably cheaper prices than other goods."

Shortly after the inauguration of Kim Il Sung University, President Kim Il Sung was concerned about the fact that the sons and daughters of the workers and peasants, the first university students, had not been properly dressed yet, and showed fatherly love for the students by providing school uniforms and caps to them.

One day in November Juche 35(1946), President Kim Il Sung called a student delegation of Kim Il Sung University to the building of the Provisional People's Committee of North Korea to inquire into the on-going discussion about school uniforms and caps.

The students discussed over and over, but they could not reach agreement, so they told the President that they had prepared a number of student uniforms as samples, and that some of them were willing to wear any clothes.

He said that the idea of wearing anything instead of uniforms was wrong. If they did so, a few students could wear good clothes, but many students from poor worker and peasant families would wear old and worn clothes, he said, adding that the state should then provide them with the prescribed clothes.

The students were impressed with the loving care of the President.

After a while, President Kim Il Sung suggested seeing the samples they had brought with them.

Presented with the patterns of school uniforms, he examined them one by one.

Having tried those samples on them and chosen the colour of uniforms, President Kim Il Sung told them that it would be a good idea to make boy students' clothes in a closed collar with five buttons and girl students' clothes in a jacket similar to boys with a skirt.

Watching various types of caps, he fixed the form of the caps for boy students for girl students in a round one without a peak.

The students were so happy that they clapped their hands and exclaimed.

They were pleased with everything, including the colour and shape of the uniform and the cap set by the President.

The first uniforms and caps for students of Kim Il Sung University were provided like this.

During the grim period of the Fatherland Liberation War, President Kim Il Sung summoned the students who had been fighting at the front to the campus.

He saw to it that the state provide the students with uniforms and caps, as well as bedclothes, shoes, underwear, soap, and the like as they were in the army uniforms until then.

Afterwards, he enforced the universal 11-year compulsory free education and took benevolent measures to supply school uniforms free of charge and grant scholarships to university students.

Indeed, the whole life of the President is the one devoted solely to the younger generation, and a textbook that teaches us in what spirit and determination we should live and struggle for the growing generation.