Kim Yong Hwang

Academician, Professor, Doctor

Lecturer of Korean Linguistics Department, Faculty of Korean Language and Literature

Kim Yong Hwang

He was born in Seoul, South Korea on Aug. 30, 1930.

He left Kyonggi Middle School halfway in 1946 to enter the faculty of literature of Tongguk University, South Korea.

He joined the army as soon as the Fatherland Liberation War broke out and served from July 25th in 1950 to November 23rd in 1953.

He enrolled in Korean Language Department, Faculty of Literature(then), Kim Il Sung University in 1954.

He graduated in 1956 and started his career as a lecturer after his post-graduation course.

He is a merited scientist in the DPRK.

He was awarded Ph.D. by writing dissertation titled "Study on History of Korean Language Development"

He suggested renaming the word "east medicine" "Koryo medicine", thus being highly praised by President Kim Il Sung in January, 1993.

He studied the history of Korean language in the last period of Koguryo Kingdom.

He's teaching several subjects including "Korean Historical Lexicology".

He wrote more than 40 textbooks and reference books including "History of Korean Language" and "Study on History of Korean linguistics". He also published "Social Linguistics" and "Cultural Linguistics" in China National Publishing House.

He participated in international symposiums several times including Kim Il Sung University symposium.

He published essays such as "Several Names and Origins Related to Mt. Paektu" and "Issues Arising in the Interpretation of 'Tangun'" in "Korean Linguistics in China", a Chinese magazine in 2012.

He has published over 270 essays.

He has trained 15 doctors and 21 Masters.

He was highly praised by President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and Comrade Kim Jong Un.