The proud national traits of Juche Korea
1. The harmonious unity of the leader and the people


The national customs and manners are the norms or ways of life of a country that have been formed and descended over a long history. That is not the aspiration or demand of a few people, but the customs of the whole country as the aspiration and breath of all the people, endlessly inherited with the passage of history, distinguishable from other nations and unique to the people of that country. Therefore, it is possible to know the appearance, temperament and characteristics of a given country and nation through the national customs, and to measure the future as well as the ideology and spirit of that country and people.

In our socialist country, Juche Korea, there are unique and excellent national traits which no other nation has possessed and which are found nowhere in the world. This national climate reflects the all-people ideological viewpoint and fighting spirit peculiar to our state and reflects the world outlook, outlook on life, aspirations and desire of our people.

In these serial articles I am introducing the proud national traits of Juche Korea which have been formed in the historical course of building a prosperous and powerful country and successfully have been carried forward generation after generation.

The series of articles will give a better understanding of what is the fundamental source that has powerfully promoted the development and prosperity of Juche Korea.

It is the greatest national custom of Juche Korea that the leader and the people share the same idea and intention and share life and death and sorrow with each other, that is, the leader believes in and boundlessly loves the people and the people absolutely trust and uphold him.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"The integral whole of the Party and the masses of the people, with which the former puts trust in the latter and the latter follows the former with full confidence, is the source of the inexhaustible power of our Republic, and on the strength of this great single-hearted unity the government of the Republic is writing the ever-victorious history in the face of all challenges and obstacles."

It is the strongest weapon of our state that the harmonious whole has formed between the leader and the people, the greatest national traits of Juche Korea, which no country and people in the world can possess, and which cannot be seen or imitated anywhere on the earth, and which is incomparable with the wealth of the country. Herein lies the might and inexhaustible potential of the DPRK which the world can neither know nor calculate.

The relationship between the leader and the people in our country is inseparable one of kinship formed by revolutionary comradeship and obligation. The leader regards the people as the heaven, takes full responsibility for their destiny and takes care of them, and people praise the leader as the sun and entrust everything to his bosom. This is Korean-style socialism shining as a harmonious whole.

There have been many politicians in history who advocated the good politics for the people.

However, no leader has applied it to revolutionary practice with ardent love for and absolute trust in the people like the peerlessly great men. Thanks to the warm love, trust, yearning and blood relationship between the leader and the people, selfless and devoted efforts for the people have become a party trait and thoroughgoing national custom in our country and an invincible single-hearted unity has been achieved in which all the people have formed a fortress for devotedly defending the leader of the revolution at the centre of their lives.

The DPRK is vigorously advancing the revolution and construction despite all sorts of tempests of history because the leader and the people share the idea, intention and destiny. The DPRK is invincible, solid and its future is bright since people are always in the forefront of the leader's mind and the people are fighting without fail in support of him.

In the pioneering period of the Korean revolution, the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters were completely fascinated by the greatness of the President and entrusted their destiny entirely to him. They breasted the enemy's bullets for the safety of the President, unhesitatingly went to the guillotine, and devotedly carried out the order and instructions of the President without wavering, creating the brilliant tradition of a harmonious whole that could never be separated between the leader and his soldiers.

The Korean people, who inherited the great tradition of harmonious whole created in the flames of the anti-Japanese war, successfully carried out the historic task of building a new, democratic Korea under the wise leadership of the President and created the great myth of war victory by defeating the powerful imperialist enemy who boasted of being the "strongest" in the world in the Fatherland Liberation War.

In the period of the great Chollima upsurge after the war, the workers of Kangson worked miracles of producing 120,000 tons of steel from the blooming mill with a capacity of 60,000 tons, true to the ardent call of the President to increase the country's fortune. In the flames of the great Chollima upsurge, smelters of Kim Chol melted 270, 000 tons of iron from the furnace with a capacity of 190, 000 tons and the workers of Hwang Chol finished the construction of the furnace in less than a year. Our young people completed the construction of the broad gauge railway between Haeju and Hasong in 75 days.

The source of such miracles was the might of a harmonious whole in which the leader believed in the people and the people absolutely followed the leader.

The ardent yearning for Chairman Kim Jong Il was cherished in the minds of the people who, in the difficult days of hardship, never left their work place though they had to eat herbal porridge but worked when they were on bad form. It is our people who have unyieldingly braved the grim trials, absolutely trusting in and upholding leader Kim Jong Il only, and longing for Chairman Kim Jong Il even though their life was at the extreme. It is our people who are worried about being late for Chairman's call while climbing up the dam construction site of a power station inch by inch shouldering bagful of soil.

In the new century of Juche the might of harmonious whole is demonstrated on the highest level. In the mind of the respected General Secretary is the Korean people who he said would always uphold like having the great leaders in high esteem, and all the people and service personnel of the People's Army are trusting in and following only the respected General Secretary single-mindedly.

The service personnel of the People's Army, who were seeing off the leader soaking themselves in the cold seawater, regretting to take leave of the respected General Secretary, which was the solemn picture of the harmonious whole of the leader and the people that could not be fabricated nor found in the world and anywhere.

We vividly remember the day of September Juche 109(2020) which the people across the country can never forget.

The respected General Secretary of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea drove himself through the rough muddy field of Taechong-ri, Unpha County, which was swept away by the flood.

The flood victims burst into tears in deep emotion when the respected Marshall went out of the muddy car since it was incredible for them to see the father of destiny before others in terrible disaster and misfortune. Farmers who, aware that the field car driven by the respected General Secretary was stuck in the mud, ran through the mud barefoot in underwear to help him, taking off even the straw matting which had been on their temporary shelter. The car was leaving, but the people followed the car running with their straw matting, and the respected General Secretary stopped the car and told them to go back again and again, saying that everything was all right, which cannot be remembered without tears of emotion.

Everybody can feel the warm love and affection between the leader and the people everywhere, and the traits of unity based on them overflows everywhere in this land, and this harmonious whole is the national climate of the great country.

It is the pride of such great ideas and beliefs, good traditions and national customs that we sing that our country is best to live in the world. Burning our hearts with our state-first principle is not an abstract emotion but the pride and honor. It is a great emotion and joy of the people who possess the great idea, faith and national traits which others can neither have nor imitate.

It is our harmonious whole that is stronger both when the leader and the people are together and when they are farther away.

Whenever President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected General Secretary are on a foreign visit away from the homeland, it is a warm picture and proud national traits of our country to defend their posts and work sites with purest conscience and obligation, which can be witnessed only in our country.

The history of a state development spanning thousands of years has never recorded in any way such a perfect whole in our country.

Today our people, with absolute loyalty to and trust in their leader, are striving only up to the leader's ideology and will, always thinking first of his good health and authority. Our country is still lacking and in a lot of difficulty, but it can be proud of being rich in ideological and moral aspects. The eternal dignity, victory and prosperity of Juche Korea lie in adding lustre to the good revolutionary traits of our people and our best national traits generation after generation.

Our harmonious whole will continue to be the source of the greatest national power and inexhaustible strength of Juche Korea which will add to its dynamic advance and bring earlier bright future of our country forever.