Innovating Talent Training Is An Urgent Demand Of The Developing Reality


The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"Talented persons decide everything."

Talented persons constitute the first and foremost strategic resource of a country and a dynamic force of its development. They guarantee the long-term and sustained development of the country's science and technology and its economy, as well as its future.

With the increasing role of science and technology in social development and human life in the world, competition in developing science and technology and winning over talented persons is growing fierce in order to develop the economy and build up military capabilities by relying on talented persons.

Today, when countries are competing with one another to get more talented persons, the importance of talented persons in building up our national strength is becoming more prominent, and this reality urgently demands that we innovate talent training without letup.

This is first an essential requirement for satisfactorily resolving the sci-tech problems arising in implementing the five-year plan for the development of the national economy.

Implementing without fail the plan advanced at the Eighth Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea is of decisive significance in developing our socialist construction onto a higher plane. This is not simply a struggle for economic construction, but an acute political struggle for defending the prestige of the Party Congress and the people's trust.

We should resolutely get rid of the misguided ideological viewpoints, stereotyped work styles and incompetence that restrain our advance. The key to make a fresh leap forward is in identifying promising persons, training them and making audacious creation and steady progress by relying on them.

Only when all the sectors and units of the national economy train large numbers of persons talented in science and technology and competent Party officials and thus readjust and reinforce their own forces, can they fully resolve the problems of obtaining manpower, funds and raw and other materials and of recycling and hit the targets they have set higher. It is the same case with creating masterpieces of national value by shoring up the field of art and literature and making a sweeping revolution in the public health, sports and other fields.

Expansion and consolidation of the ranks of talented persons leads to a radical advance of socialist construction.

Innovating the training of talented persons is an urgent demand for satisfying the demand for persons talented in science and technology increasing with the progress of socialist construction.

It is also an important demand for building ours into a country advanced in all respects and developing it into a most powerful country.

The status of a powerful country in the era of the knowledge-driven economy is not decided by the size of its territory or the amount of natural resources.

A large territory and rich natural resources cannot prove their worth if the country lacks persons talented in science and technology, and a country, though small in size, can build up a strength greater than that of big countries, lead the times and become a giant if it has a large contingent of talented persons – this is lesson taught by history.

Training talented persons is an ennobling patriotic undertaking for guaranteeing the future of the country. When we attach importance to training talented persons and channel our efforts into building ours into a talent power rather than achieving visual successes and today's comfort, our country will demonstrate its honour as a most powerful country in the world for ever.

It is the ranks of talented persons, which should be reinforced though times passes, and it is the training of talented persons, which all the people in this country should regard as their lifeline and forcefully promote as genuine masters and active supporters for their great state, for their own happiness and for the prosperity of the posterity.

In line with demands of ever-developing reality, we should innovate the training of talented persons, thus forcefully pushing ahead with the construction of a powerful socialist country.