With A Warm Affection Of A True Father


Today the Korean people look back once again the history of the loving care of the younger generation by President Kim Il Sung who warmly looked after the children across the country with parental affection with utmost sincerity that he could pick up even a star in the sky for the people.

Chairman Kim Jong Il said:

"Always calling children king of the country, President Kim Il Sung spares nothing for them and makes sure that they are provided with the best things on a preferential basis."

It was one day in February, Juche 63(1974) when a snowstorm was raging strongly.

That day, while giving field guidance to the rural work in South Phyongan Province, President Kim Il Sung saw a young girl on a road in Anju City carrying a large handbag amid the pouring snow.

The President asked the driver to stop the car and opened the car door and got out of the car, with a bright smile on his face, and called the girl who was beside herself with boundless emotion and excitement.

The girl came rushing to his bosom, saying "Father!" and bowed to him

The President embraced the girl bowing to him and asked her where she was going in this cold weather.

She thought the President would be worried if she said she was going to hospital so she lied that she was just going to the local management board indicating the direction where the seat of the ri was.

The President patted on her small shoulders and gently brushed off the snow on her clothes asking her age and what school she attended.

Hearing the girl's answer, the President praised her for being very clever, hugging her in his overcoat and asked her again where she was going with a worry.

Hearing the girl's reply that she was going to see her brother who was in the ri hospital, the President made a gloomy expression for a while and told the officials that the girl who was going to visit her younger brother alone on this cold day was admirable, and asked them to turn the car and take her to the hospital.

When an official tried to pick up the girl in a car at the back of the motorcade, the President told him not to do so but to take her on his own car saying that it was first time for her to get on such a big car.

Warm tears gathered in the officials' eyes by the deep love of the President who gave her as much pleasure as he could.

The small girl was excited as if she was over the moon.

The fact that she happened to meet the President on a road unexpectedly was a great happiness for her. She was a great deal happier because she was going to visit her younger brother by his car.

But she told him that she would go on foot feeling sorry that the President would stay outside on the road in the snowstorm.

When he heard her words the President thought that the girl was more commendable and laudable, put her to the car in his embrace, fastened her overcoat buttons and tied her scarf properly.

The warm affection of a true father permeated her, and tears ran down her cheeks.

"Father! Thank you, thank you very much."

The car left for the hospital where her younger brother was hospitalized, meanwhile the President was standing on the road in the snowstorm, with his clothes fluttered.

The President stood long time in the snowstorm to give happiness to the small girl.

The happiness was not given only to this girl.

It was none other than our President who had souvenir photographs taken for a long time with the fatherly affection feeling happy from the laughter of the children and provided a school ferry for a few children.