Great Man's Devotion for the People


There are many good days and many good roads in the world.

But, tracing the forced march of our respected General Secretary, we can find more bad days and roads than good ones.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"The scenes of prioritizing, respecting and loving the people unfolded on this land are a genuine appearance of our style of socialism that embodies the people-first principle."

A blizzard, a rough sea, a muddy road on a rainy construction site....

Looking back on numerous roads covered by the respected General Secretary, the impressive story about the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort hit me.

With a plan to build a comprehensive and modern paradigm resort for medical treatment and rest in the Onchon area of Yangdok County, he paid deep attention to the problem of developing and utilizing the spas abundant in the country in a diverse way so as to provide the people with a rich and civilized life. He paid a visit to Yangdok County one day in the last of the dog days on August 15th, Juche 107(2018).

The general Secretary looking round the hot spots in Onjong-ri of Yangdok County through high and low mountains, and steep ridgeways despite the hot air of midsummer learned in detail about the daily output and environment!

On his way to a hot spring, there was unexpectedly heavy rain but he didn't seem to care about it. While watching the hot spring water spouting continuously, he smiled brightly as if he had found a jewel or he had got rid of pent-up fatigue.

The respected General Secretary said with great satisfaction that the sight of hot springs with hot steam is very spectacular, even though the whole path was full of mud and the clothes became muddy and the shoes got wet.

When the officials said that he could get hurt because the temperature of the hot spring water was 80 degrees centigrade, he said that if he dipped his hand into the hot spring water, he could measure the temperature of the hot spring water. And without hesitation he took a measure of the temperature of the hot spring water with his hand in it.

What is more.

When visiting the construction site in October Juche107(2018), Kim Jong Un said with deep emotion that we were undertaking many projects for the cultural and emotional life of the people, adding that they were not because of the prevailing conditions, affluence and affluence, but because we were building our people, the best people in the world, under the firm determination and strong will of the Workers' Party of Korea to put them on the highest peak of socialist civilization at an early date.

The patriotic devotion of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who makes the country richer and stronger and makes tireless efforts to provide the people with anything good in the world.

One day the respected General Secretary said to the officials that we had to march for the people through the cold and hot.

We had to march for the people through the cold and hot!

How ardent the warm love of the respected General Secretary for the people is!

Love for the people.

With his noble mission that the destiny and future of the people depend on his step and his noble outlook on life that the happiness of the people grows as much as he suffers, he visited Yangdok for the people in 2018 and several times in 2019.

Where in the world can we find such a great man who loves the people and devotes himself to the people?

He only paves the road of happiness for the people and walks along the road of hardship.

Our people will never forget all the rugged paths of the high-intensity forced march of the respected General Secretary who is going on ceaselessly in the heat of midsummer, in the grim snowstorm of the coldest season and in the early morning and at dead of night and always keep pace with him who always follows the road of the great devotion by following the path of repayment and loyalty.